Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ridiculous Fixture List

Here we are on a Bank Holiday weekend and yet Kent County Cricket Club have no fixture. Kent have no money, yet with most of the public twiddling their thumbs, those that produce the fixture list have chosen not to give them a game. The players and ex-players bang on about playing too much cricket, but surely there is room for a match on a Bank Holiday weekend, isn't there? It is shameful that there is "first-class" cricket being played against the University teams, providing little of value to the County sides involved. Even if there was no Championship fixture for Kent this week, surely the other teams would be better served by playing a friendly against another first-class team, rather than hammering some hapless students.
Even better than playing meaningless friendlies, in the hope that some money can be made by those counties that need it most (and why, for God's sake, have any Test Match grounds got a home match on a Bank Holiday weekend?) would it not have made sense to have got some of the Twenty20 Cup squeezed in to this two week holiday period? Each County could have played six twenty-over games over the consecutive Bank Holiday weekends, with three at home per team, boosting County coffers at the best time. This would also have meant that we could have had some Championship cricket in the Summer, rather than played at either end of the season. Cricket calls itself a business, but this really is the biggest joke of all. No other business would behave in this way - there is good money to be made from leisure and entertainment interests on a Bank Holiday, yet Kent are nowhere to be seen, thanks to the those who produce the fixtures. It's a disgrace.

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